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Seeking Athena


Stable Community

Still Seeking Athena, is composed of group four horse-and-rider combinations that have been paired with portions of the Elgin Marbles. The horse and rider, and the images on the marbles, become progressively more energized as the goal of Seeking Athena, by flying up to her, is represented in both sets of images.

Herbivores is composed of six individual framed images with semi-transparent “etched” text and image on the surface of each frame [glass]. The surface text and image refers to the physical form of communication required between horse and rider. I have places a representation of the image on #13 and #16.

Stable Community is composed of 12 images presented as a grid. This work was completed in 2005 and has been exhibited as a part of my Structures of Meaning exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography.

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